For its 7th edition, In Shape, the Levant's leading and most anticipated comprehensive Wellbeing Fair, is back with a new version totally dedicated to Fitness & Wellness!

Taking place within the celebrated 1st edition of Beirut Beauty & Wellness Week - BBWW, In Shape, with more than 100 booths of the latest in the fitness industry as well as unique live stage shows, workshops and competitions, will most certainly be the heartbeat of Beirut during that week.

In Shape, through 6 previous successful editions, has become a benchmark for both sports fans and companies in the business. In fact, the fair has grown into the most acclaimed and comprehensive wellness event in Lebanon, inspiring and motivating more than 15,000 health and fitness enthusiasts.

With its new highly specialized format and the increase in the dedicated space, In Shape will be showcasing the industry's leading businesses and organizations' newest trends. This edition will accommodate top companies in the Fitness, Wellness and Nutritional sectors offering: natural health products, medical associations, general health products, home use medical devices, sports medicine supplies, fitness and active apparel, training equipment, ski & winter sports accessories, dance studios, gyms, spa and travel agencies, food supplements, healthy food, energy beverages, sports academies, and so on.

Gathering all of the industry's top companies and experts, In Shape will put together elaborate displays that will draw jam-packed crowds!

In Shape is a cost-effective means for making your business more efficient and attractive to business partners and buyers from all distribution channels as well as to thousands of potential consumers and to an array of local and international media.

A resourceful event where you get the chance to introduce or reinforce your company's profile, promote the latest products, services & technologies, find new openings, enhance brands' recognition and thus enlarge your local and regional market share. In fact, hosting leading business players, In Shape is attended by thousands of the region's suppliers, producers, distributors, retailers and consumers interested in health and fitness and seeking to remain at the forefront of all related new developments.

Lebanon is best placed to host such an event in light of its strong positioning in the fields of health and wellness.



Lebanon is best set to host such an event in light of the country's strong position in the fields of health and wellness. The country boasts a notorious reputation for its experience and expertise in fashion, beauty, health and plastic surgery, thus making Lebanon the ideal destination for health and beauty experts from around the world. Seen as the trendsetter of the region and known as the Paris of the Middle East, Lebanon is the bridge between the Orient and the Occident hence establishing a strong presence in Beirut will undoubtedly help any company or brand to have an effect that reaches far across the entire region including Syria, Jordan and the Gulf Countries alike.

Moreover, the Lebanese people since their Phoenician origins have been known for being the first to establish trade practices as a result of their ship building abilities which allowed them to spread their goods across the seas. Now, over 2,000 years later, their renowned reputation of being talented merchants continues as they frequently occupy decision making positions in major regional and multinational retail and distribution companies. Targeting this population will have an immeasurable impact on the growth of your company's sales for the entire region and present you with exceptional growth opportunities.

In addition to all of the above, the cosmetics and toiletries industry in the Levant region tops US$700 million annually in sales and has been increasing at an annual rate of nearly 11 %, almost unparalleled in any other region of the world.

Established as one of the region's most prominent and comprehensive wellbeing's fair, IN SHAPE is a cost-effective means for reaching and directly communicating with thousands of potential customers and business partners. It is a resourceful event where exhibitions get the opportunity to promote new products and services, introduce their company's profile and business, reinforce or reposition their brands as well as meet and bond with existing and new partners and agents. IN SHAPE provides a unique and ideal business platform for networking with like minded individuals and key players in the related sectors.